Betsy Ross mends her Flag

Ah get so much jook in meh finger, I need Detol fast


Feinin- Hermes – Betsy Ross is mending her Flag which Old Calypso is fraying apart leaving only one colour resembling stained blood red

One evening, La Diablesse and Betsy went to the Queen’s Park Savannah to get some beastly cold coconut water from a vendor you wouldn’t want to be his wife from the way he handled his cutlass. Diablesse was still upset over her failing looks, and for the third week straight she didn’t cause any car wrecks like before when men strained their necks to see her gait.

Across from the street, where the Majestic Seven stood, and fences to protect seven erected RESTORATION IN PROGRESS billboards, Betsy noticed that her beloved flag conceived over the great wars of Independence in !962 was fraying. The symbolic bands of Red, White and Black were separating. This was the home of Mama Dlo’s current husband and something had to be done for such a show of degradation and disrespect.

At the stroke of twelve midnight, Ligahoo and Soucouyant members of the Super Seven whose motto reads, “You tink yuh smart, yuh grave dig already, Shadow waiting at yuh home” fell upon the gates of White Hall. Soucouyant put she Bmobile free minutes after 12pm spell on de sleeping real African guard and wake he quick. Ligahoo, disguise and climb up de flag pole as a manicou, turn and he and he bamsee look down at Soucouyant too, making free calls she self. She calling she neighbour to check in on she skin, if it still hanging.

When de Super Seven arrived by Betsy, Betsy find it strange, why dem two bring she flag in two HiLo bag, is one nation she remember. The rags smelled of oil, gas and Mint printing ink dirty up wit many clawing hands, local and foreign. “Mildred, where de Clorex, meh flag have stubborn stain to remove”.


A State of Emergency – Betsy Ross works throughout the night to finish her task to cover her coffin with her beloved flag, then leaves to work on a two hundred year old year old cloth called, Old Glory

Addendum: Betsy Ross 1752 – 1836 of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been credited with assembling the first American flag. I sat in my chair and thought about God, duty and the freedom fighters. The stars left hope for the birth of the confederation of an untied union

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