Vaseline Oil + Curry

Feinin going to a San Fernando chutney fete with slick down hair with oil. Which one better? Coconut or Vaseline?

Hello, Pandey, yuh have meh waiting in dis dark cane field, yuh know I does frighten because meh cousin Sisodiya tell meh dey have plenty Soucouyant and I eh want to get suck unless is you sucking meh neck and between meh nanny. Ah wash it with carbolic soap this time, we ca both have curry mouth staining we skin. Make sure yuh bring back meh fada record and de cassette yeh promise to make. Ah plat meh hair in a bun to fool meh fada, as if I going to night prayers and go bring meh light foundation to over up de love mark. Bring two hot Guinness just incase I ca wash it out by de river…”

Singampalli, daling, ah just rub down meh dashboard with Mayaro coconut oil wit a dab of Vaseline. It go make you feel like country in meh Datsun 120y. I better put some good pressure in de back tire, all ten of meh partners, Biglip, Saltfishmouth, Hen, Japblade, Runninglatrine, Pitchlakebroda and more have to fit in de back.have to fit in de back.

Oh Shiva, I forget to hide meh treasures in de car, Singampalli yuh lock up de windows tight? Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, Queen the works album among other memorabilia in a Datsun 120y

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