Teet and Skin – Colgate and Carbolic Soap


Feinin badeing under a stand pipe, Port of Spain

Wha happen, you is a buller watching meh bade in yuh fancy Toyota Hilux. I know I have only trolley to carry cardboard box and fruits at de market, but I ain’t sweating to pay for it like you who feel yuh big in oui capital, driving Big Company car or Government vehicle yuh don’t own or respect. You spending all yuh money in gym pumping iron all day and yuh still eying meh natural body because I does walk all day to pick up all de Carib bottle after you, when you yuh self does pelt dem out yuh air condition truck.

Lady, dough strain yuh neck, it quail up in meh draws, but it clean with Carbolic Soap. Look you, yuh watching meh with yuh eye straight nearly bounce dat old Datsun 120y in front of yeh. I saving up for Courts Repossess two tub washer so dough mind I does wash meh clothes under de pipe with Breeze and Colgate have meh teet and gold cap white and shinny ever since I stop sucking all dat guava sweet and kaser ball in Primary school.

Is here I staying dees days, meh granny bring me up proper, I love she till she dead. Is dem whatless Junior Sec dat teach meh how to survive and cable and deportee show meh de way. ” Hello Rosaline, I is away for a fortnight, when I see yuh, I’ll show you what I learn, de mis and jook in de caca”

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