Boys is islands lime

Feinin as Tiara the casher

Why dem French creole and brown skin Syrian feel dey could walk in we establishment barefoot as if dey just off de docks from Barbados. If my child ever walk out meh house without slippers and shirt in pants, me and anybody go slap he till he blackout. I does vex when dey lazy children does pass for Government school, but find dem selves attending prestige school like Fatma or Holy Name. Is frending have dem so. When serious football match host, is always dem who have de best seats and dey dough even watch de game.

Mister, yeh two dollars and five cents short, yuh have anymore bottle?

And dem who feel dey white over in dey Indian, Chinee, Negro and Spanish skin. I remember last when I did meh catering at de Country Club Christmas fete, meh fada once deny to enter, I see dem young off spring wine stinker dan a George street Jamet Nigger. Who dey feel dey fooling when meh albino niece have whiter skin, bluer eye and natural blond hair. Oh lawd, yet ever see when real white people visit, dem does attached like bamsee toilet paper.

Now yuh have to watch dem Syrian and Chinee businessman tearing down oui heritage and building big story building me ain’t never go live in only if dey hire meh as security guard. Ah tell meh sister in Jersey, girle St. James looking as if is Miami ah seeing. Dem have dere inbreed family fix oui, ah just see one just past in a dere black Mercede wit illegal tint.

But when yuh make offspring child wit deformity and hide, you asking meh God why.

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