Sharon shows her helicopter move

Feinin celebrating a Chinese holiday

Sharon leekim fat hong loo chinsue cho teelip pigling Small, I see you and yuh creole husband celebrating Chinee arrival day at Broadway, Independence Square Friday last. Meh maco neighbour tell meh dat yuh trying to make copy like Eric. She say from she window, she hearing bedspring creaking, and you flying up in de air and spinning like copter, den bawling as if yuh want to make headline with five udder in tomorrow paper or borning twin, natural.


Sharon leekim fat hong loo chinsue cho teelip piglingand Gregory Small at Independence Chinee Restaurant

I went to yuh family Chinee grocery cow heel, salt prune, red pepper mango, copybook, laundry, car parts and Chinee cantonese food place and see yuh have import on yuh menu called, all dem new breed direct. Ah order meh special fry wanton with plenty ketchup and pepper. De lady behind de cage and chain, tell meh, War yo u tink me have ket ch up fac to ry lik Ma touk in de fo wl coup. Ah say to meh self, allyuh raising price as if I is de Prime Minster wife fail to teach meh maths, is five dollar off when I use up all dat ketchup. Belindrix, woman, how many time I tell yuh not to hand meh de pepper sauce, is I suppose to get it meh self. Is fallout yuh looking for when we leave Hong Sing and Bar Restaurant license under Joe Small and Sons or what?

Eric referring to Eric Williams’s daughter who has Chinese Heritage.
Direct meaning restaurant owners from main land China

Addendum: An example

Check dem big house up dere

1. Rastaman thin or median size, front teeth with some cavities, deep husky voice, dressed in white. 2. Red woman or dirty white, straight curly hair, deep blue eyes, thick in size. They both are looking at a house upon a hill. She leans into him, her back nestles on his chest, then he sings to her, a Jamaican reggae lyric in a soft tone

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