Remembering Bookmann geocites 2004 – Big River 2

This project emerged from a series of questions what they wished for by residents of a northern coastal village called Grande Riviere, Trinidad in 2001.

Richard Bolai All Rights Reserved 2005
Typography Art
Listen to narrative performed by Pat Lamming, 2001

Grande Riviere and the leather back turtle

Grande Riviere, was the site of an International Artists Workshop held in Trinidad 2001. The workshop was hosted by Caribbean Contemporary Arts in collaboration with the Triangle Arts Trust of London, UK. The workshop, named big River2, included artists from Trinidad, Barbados, Martinique, Cuba, Dominica, Argentina, Kenya, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Jamaica, Columbia, India and Mexico.

The artists worked and lived for two weeks on the north east coast, away from the routine and familiarity of their normal workspaces and lifestyles. Emphasis was not on the finished work, but on pushing boundaries, experimentation and looking at new directions. An important concern was addressing the very difficult circumstances in which art is made in developing countries, where there is often a lack of working space and materials. There was also an encouraging for networking and interaction with the artist group, within the Caribbean, and beyond its shores.

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