Remembering Bookmann geocites 2004 – Children’s Playgrounds

…the same year, 1931, the under-privileged children of Port of Spain must have spent a happy Christmas for in mid-December the “Thorne” children’s playground was opened in Woodbrook, and the “Alfred Richards” children’s playground was opened near the eastern fringes of the city, on the St. Joseph Road. “The Making of Port of Spain” – Michael Anthony


A place where adults can recall their childhood

What brings childhood pleasures? Sliding down a hill on a narrow plank of well-waxed wood with your arms and hands fluttering in the air to keep in balance or the rings of dirt stamped on the your knees from pitching marbles. Then there is flying a Mad-Bull kite with its cocoyea ribbed frame pentagon shape dipping under the glare of the Caribbean skies in the Queen’s Park Savannah. What do you remember as a child?


The swinging Boat

A structure that has an effortless motor, assisted by pivots and counterbalanced by the laws of gravity. A simple pleasure that asked for not much, and when it is in motion, the brain sends a message to your heart, What a thrill. Childhood memories, what do you remember?


Public swings

No batteries, no video games, no subliminal acts of violence….you have entered the world of the wooden carousal, the rocking horse, the swinging boat, the witch’s hat and other neglected and unsafe swings plotted in various places in the Public Grounds, Woodbrook, Trinidad, West Indies.

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