Remembering Bookmann geocites 2004 – Jasmine Thomas-Girvan


Jewellery, unlike other artforms, engages us in a singularly intimate way. Because of its direct physical contact with the body it is experienced as an extension of the frame. Its visual impact along with its form and function are of primary importance to creating a work that has resonance beyond itself. I aspire to create pieces that exude wit and rhythm and are inquisitive, reflective and enjoyable. See the entire site pdf 3.5mb thebookmann – Jasmine Thomas-Girvan

For me, the process is intuitive. It begins to take shape through sketches that might immediately be made into a preliminary model, or sit and hibernate on a shelf as a mystery for a year or two then suddenly spring to life with vigour and crystallise in a flash. My pieces echo their organic origins. I am intrigued by the poetry in Nature and attempt to capture the elemental and ephemeral beauty and rhythms thriving in the organic world. I have always regarded Nature as a teacher and guide that constantly sharpens my senses.

2009-07-26_093339 Tel: 868 626-2442 Website

The process may begin with a walk by the Queen’s Park Savannah; watching the tide in Carriacou; the thunderous cascade of Kaieteur Falls; imagining what lies beneath those sleeping volcanoes in Dominica; stumbling over a mountain of bodi in the market; inhaling tassa in St James, or simply flirting with hummingbirds as they hover over coffee blossoms in the Blue Mountains. The sources of my inspiration are as diverse and rich as the land we are privileged to walk on and its people: myths, architecture, literature, food, fashion, moonfire, birdsongs, radiowaves and even the way feathers mysteriously arrive carried on the wind. – Jasmine Thomas-Girvan

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