Remembering Bookmann geocites 2004 – Ana Rewakowicz


Ana Rewakowicz – See her entire wedsite pdf fomat

My life experiences have influenced my art practice; as a person who has moved from one culture to another and lived through cultural and language adaptations, I have been interested in the issue of transience and how it relates to the notions of identity, belonging, and living in a society of global and technological developments. For the last five years I have been working with inflatables and exploring these concerns in relation to the body, memory, temporal, mobile architecture and most recently the environment. The 60’s visionary view of the world, playful design and technological fascination to develop socially responsive forms and create alternative propositions for living expressed in the works of such architectural groups as ARCHIGRAM (UK) and Hans-Rucker-Co (Austria), as well such artists as Lygia Clark and Helio Oiticica (Brazil) are part of my work’s lineage.

In my early works this search was expressed through a representation of the body at near-life sized scale, which became a symbol-carrier of different emotional states associated with a sense of dislocation. Later on, still working with the body, I became more interested in the sensorial experiences of the body. Focusing especially on the idea of skin as an organ through which we experience the sense of touch, I used rubber latex and made objects and clothes that investigated boundaries of intimacy and closeness, emphasizing the ambivalence of feelings such as desire, pleasure, vulnerability, comfort and discomfort. Presently My work deal with the public/private sphere and explorations of sensorial experiences within social, cultural, architectural and environmental spaces. – Ana Rewakowicz

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