Remembering Bookmann geocites 2004 – Public Art #7 Classic


A billboard in St. James – A sexy woman wearing an adult pamper

In the vaults below Bill Gates’ estate, in his vast collection of journals and notebooks from artists from the Renaissance to Photographers from the twentieth century, a square shaped leather crafted handbook once belonging to Michelangelo Di Lodovico Buonarroti highlights his crowning achievement. Written on the margin, a footnote corresponding to a schematic drawing of God’s vision of man expressed through the hands of Michelangelo himself, then to be carved to life from a single uncut block of marble.

The Italian sculptor writes; “To my achieving act of God’s abiding servant, shall thy heart of man bring forth, my humblest statue David shall be transformed to the island of Trinity, there he shall be clothed, only then shall God rest.”

Believe it on not, Michaelangelo’s intolerance to the hypocrisies of church clergymen allowed him to immortalize their portraits by cleverly disguising the their faces to the fresco paintings penis heads of male nudes not clearly visible on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

But can one paint a face on a anus itself ?


The statue of David in street signs, Trinidad

The universal artworks of artists such as Michaelangelo and Da Vinci have been used numerously in advertising to promote the priceless-ness and co- relationship with the product itself. If the magnificent David could use this product, why not you. And here is where the price-less is put to use. Is this a freebee?

Michelangelo had once remarked, “The accuracy of drawing and sculpturing feet posed my greatest challenge.” The statues’ head is larger than normal and this was deliberately done to compensate the viewing of the work standing 14 ft 3 in tall. Erected outside the Palazzo Vecchio, the statue would be optical correct in proportion.

What astonishing about this billboard is that some thought over the concept must have taken place to fuse these three elements together. One statue of a man, one female model, and one large pamper. And somehow the idea was convincing enough for the Client to use the statue of David clothed with what appears to be a packed or soil Preveil Protective adult pamper. Appropriately normal. However, it is not the first, Joe’s Boxers, a popular America underwear brand has used the statue before in similar circumstances in its Ad campaign.

If the prestige of the statue could not fully sell the idea, lets go to plan B. A closer look will show that the possibility of adult bed-wetting does not only affect the aged, but the young, the beautiful and the feminine. The woman is simply comfortable with the idea of the garment bunched around her hips and demonstrates the elasticity of Preveil Protective to the un-expecting drivers and pedestrians its capacity for retaining liquid. 2005

Addendum: Please note that Geocities which hosted the Bookmann website from 2004 will ceased operation in October 2009. Thank you Geocites Yahoo Inc

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