Boys, boys, boys – The graffiti rivalry continues

Hey Fatima bullers keep off, where dem foreign use?


The artworks from many graffiti artists located at the burnt out Santa Monica grocery lot was white washed by vandals a few years ago. Now there is some sort of revival. The works are cleaner showing some pride for what they do. – Its called vandalism, hello.


More white paint for Christmas, graffiti in Diego Martin

A comment from h….k all city’s bitch on Boys looking for a buss head post

first of all big up your crew dsu! i am very happy for you all, it will probably give you the title of first crew in trinidad,very good. But dont forget about one thing!! the most important its not the speed its to keep going!!! When a policeman going to knock on your door and put you in jail for 3months.

I am sure to be sure than you not going to see graffiti as a “art who resolve all your problem…cause you know graffiti its a vandalisme wich is a max of 3years and 300000$ ticket… dont you!! Anyway i hope long life to dsu and your graffiti scene of trinidad and tobago…

Sorry for my bad english I am a lo life from brixton

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