Crab from Venezuela, eh where meh blue


A crab rack just shy of the Diego Martin highway, Trinidad

The vendor that operates this crab stall says that their crab is imported from Venezuela. A lady walked in and asked, “Does Venezuela crab taste differently blue*. The man as he busily cleaned a batch, smiled. Tobago is known for its curry crab and dumpling. Coconut milk is a necessary ingredient in the dish. Also there is no etiquette when eating crab, it can be very messy. The meat needs to be masticated completed to get at its flavour out. The claw is the prized part, Crab and dumpling is considered a delicacy.

*Blue refers the local river crabs. Crabs are purged and fed old vegetables to flush out any impurities they may have eaten. Sometimes they just escape from the barrel you kept them in.


This dish was so wonderful, that it lingered in my mind for two days

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  1. The Unexpected on

    I’m hungry now.. thank u 😀 heeheehee

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