A gateway to Heaven


Money run out, Trinidad. On de veranda yuh say?

After his mother-in-law had a row, Lall sat quietly at the table and watched his plate of pelau. He noticed rings of onions. Not only did the onions give him bad breath, they also made if fart up a storm. Mrs Roopchin had brought this dish. It was a festive day, his mother-in-law turned the key of crones. She was going to be crowned the Queen in five years, he thought. Mrs Roopchin smiled.  At the table, she picked up a grain that dropped on the table cloth from her favorite dish and placed it on a saucer. Lall grinned.

Sandra dear, my pelau is just right, don’t you like it Lall? Lall chewed on one side of his mouth, his tongue separated each ring. He just wanted to divert her direct attention so he could spit it out (at her, not really) without being noticed. Mrs Roopchin was excited that it was her birthday, her daughter had hinted what the gift may be. In a brief and calculated move Lall managed to spit the onion rigs out in a napkin. Mrs Roopchin’s gift was an outdoor swinging seat. Lall’s mouth salivated, his teeth grew fangs, his tongue rolled forward and he said, Mah, yuh want to see it, its on the veranda upstairs.

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