The end of Graffiti in Trinidad, Hallelujah

The great debate – Clinton Anthony Cummings, Spade and Louse


This stencil sign has been removed

Readers who may be concerned over the implications of graffiti art in Trinidad. The question remains to some. Is graffiti a form of Art, is it a form of social commentary or just an act of vandalism?

A open request to the Graffiti artists tagged as MANF, HEF, JAP, KRAZE, SPADE, HOWOK, CH3W@H, KONK and SPIT. Voice your concerns in a constructive way, explain to the public why this type of Art form is necessary.


Where graffiti artist Clinton Anthony Cummings once slept, would any of the taggers above like to exchange in his place? The end of Graffiti in Trinidad, Hallelujah. The bookman has fallowed this man’s work since 2004. Thank you Anthony for asking the question,”Where have all the thinkers gone?” He should be tagged PRIDE

2 comments so far

  1. sam on

    Banksy!! ❤
    the stencil at the top is one of Banksys works, hes went around all over the place and sprayed those everywhere, his works always make a statement and this is exactly what was intended for this piece, graffiti isn't vandalism.

  2. Question Marc on

    No my dear friend… Banksy hasn’t reached Trinidad yet… That’s actually Kraze’s artwork… its sad people put foreign connotations to a style of street art, the common stencil.

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