Tagger MANFHEFJAPKRAZESPADEHOWOKCH3W@HKONKSPIT with his brushes and paint cans

Officer, get off meh tanti mudder neighbor house who just pack up and gone, Ca-nah-da dis morning. Ah calling meh frend, frend, judge frend. I eh no he name. Wait, meh seconds run out, le meh yours nah, Government paying for it, ah ca talk free all day, month and year til election. Yuh aint notice de meh bite up 1976 Rights Enshrined over de Protection of Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms paper print wit lime juice? It rubbing next to meh painting / fete rag.

Oh lawd is only yes-to-day I see meh beau-t-ful red, black and white trow way in front of NP gas station break down. Ah say to meh self, who dem people living in we country leave we forty seven year flag roll up and mash over like dead dog with car tire imprint after feteing in we all purpose stadium Petting it up in de air and dough focking care. It have meh Carlyle sic in he grave wondering if he waste he time designing it. Ah say NO me ain’t want none of dem who frend in Government printry stamping Passport and Birtpaper like giving way free hops bread and cheese.

Only weekend meh woman and I gone to de Hyatt to take in de view of we prestigious Port of Spain International Waterfront. Ah tell she see dat white rust boat out der, dat is we Tobago Pride. Yuh know ah have to spend more on she to get meh quick suck so I decide to go movietown and park in de middle of de Off Shore where meh car safe. I taking she for ice cream to give she a hint. But when I driving, ah find ah seeing all kind of big letter looking all de same. First is MANF den HEF, JAP, KRAZE, SPADE, HOWOK, CH3W@H, KONK and SPIT….and say waye Martians reach and talking too weeee.

Officer I inviting you personally to meh art exhibition just up de road where dem old hoe does eye we both. Ah here yuh does like to pump dem with gas as if you is gas attendant, a dem is gas tank hole. Funny dem Graffiti vagrant showing in one tiny room, is real fight breakout, you wait and jail. Officer, yuh hear de joke when one of dem wake up as see MANFHEFJAPKRAZESPADEHOWOKCH3W@HKONKSPIT zog up all round he wall, well is shit ah still smelling. Oh gooud, if dem coming to de exhibition dey better hide in black matrix shades, is only jackass go show he face. Look, look, one of dem hardbacks coming to tell meh I vandalizing.

Addendum: In light of what Street Grafitti represents to the public Street, artists find themselves wanting to be creative. Art on abandoned locations are the canvas where they can express themselves with an added tag competition.

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