Corbeau looking at bookmann Flim wit Star

Corbeau figure drawing

Early one Off Shore morning, I taking meh view of vagrant badeing, copter landing and ca breaking light so I ca get meh meat fresh. I see Corbeau come out in ah ca drinking Stage, and praising Jah’ ganja, he scratch he balls,he smell. He take ah snap when meh neck turn, I watch he cut eye, I swallow, and say, dem Corbeau making movie poster and eh paying meh nutting. Next ting I see meh self pin up in Museum as if I is Mona Lisa. I say, dis Corbeau forget to draw meh foot and lamp post in.

Child is you who relative in Big Flim Festival, I hear he living way up Chancellor Diplomat House Road when dem Corbeau does exercise carrying water lower in taste den we labasse deep well. Is later on top where man does carry women to rape looking over dem Corbeau Nation of million. 3 but looking more like 3.1. Den dem Corbeau does trow way dem oil latext product in de bush so when one minute rain reach, river does flood, canal does block and drown dem wen hill slip and dem fall in it to swim backstroke below. Is desert for we. I hear dem have ah nudder Corbeau hiding close, playing we as Coragyps Atratus, talking he talk and den he does forget.

Meh relative mudder who keep and spoil he when he small is in Big Story Telling …de last Trinbago flim show bookman see is dat buller man picture and is Real Movie Actress post on de bookman telling he all dat she say….but who ask she? After show, dis Corbeau stand up and announce to bigger Black Corbeau….I is a Flimaker…I say spike who lee? Trinbago sweet, dem here boldface does say dem is dis, dem is dat…and Corbeau lying true dem brown teet. Is flaming is de way T&T.

So bookman say he ask Big black Corbeau why you feel you have right to make flim about bullerman business whe de dead, he ask you in he will? * And why you eh use Queen star to play buller friend? She act-tress does play man/woman role ? Well boy, Corbeau start up, he talk, he explain, next ting Corbeau partner kick eing wit advance highfalutin. Bookman say he brain start hurting, den it stop, he eye close down, and he fall asleep.

Anniversary now, is big pape show with Alice in she wonderland poster of he mudder holding wit she expose crow hand, meh ain’t want. Dat ca play dvd, Mp3, or dial call. Ah look closer, I see relative flying in circle as if he smelling someting deading, is big flim direct way way way down Chancellor. All de SUV type bust. Is sweat like Rain, dat is mine, dough tief it, cause is way way way up Corbeau have to exercise to reach he mudder waiting. Star make one step, den make two, next ting brother Corbeau fall down and start rolling, ca behind have to swerve. Corbeau chirp like is feeding time.

If dem expect bookman to go where highway and lamp post does join as road, and whe T&TEC lamp bill eh pay, dem fooling, is now high stair he must climb, if he slip and bounce and dead, he ca sue de living. I waiting when dem release pirate, once is local blues we. Is two Indian on creole I hear in river flim product.

Is only resent Corbeau wit advance highfalutin trow big party in mountain where T&TEC lamp post ca reach, is flock of Corbeau fly in and pecking at he food, I look ah smile, he reach half century. Corbeau fete room looking like NHA housing build like community centre. Next ting is candel blow, Corbeau wit advance highfalutin in de center of Netball court, dis Corbeau fly down stairs and attack highfalutin and wrap she wing around he in ah spin….I say what mudder cunt is dis? Dem so boldface, whahappen, Corbeau wit advance highfalutin forget he have small queen cleaning after dem whatlessness.

Dem stupid oui, is ah 2,500 reds I save, ah better call mandilee@ and say is meh original

* The Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival notes on Bowen’s poster: The Cobo is a highly intelligent, nervous, enigmatic, illusive, urban and coastal creature. He is gritty, real and represents a view of Caribbean (or Trinidadian) culture from the inside looking out rather than the outside looking in.

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