Dem does look, dem does talk in glee, I glad is not dem, dem dough care for dem own


Five day dat change ah country

Ah say nah, after I invite 10,000 is only two true frend come. Ah say nah, dem come late and break in and put boot print on A.T. work and tief two of she best. Ah tell she before is dat is readyleave artt dem showing, with rum bottle, playing card, food container, stink boot and big knife leave to break in again and again. I does tell she, I use facebook for inviting, when owner storing all dem business and selling. Dem dotish heh. Me see one have 5000 frend, so I say he have software pressing button so is million know.

Morning I get up I do something strange…I sweep it in drain. I say to mehself, is truee. Now Miss A.T. bade, she put on clean dress and she nice shoe to do Artt per-for-mance…I say girle how you dough jook up yuh finger wit dat small small needle, I hear it does jook hard*…Den, during, meh frend and two bounce one hour late, Miss A.T …..Dey repeat, Miss A.T. Miss A.T. She eh answering.. Dem too like cock with no head. I say she is in per-for-mance, I tell yuh to bring two pac of Holiday Foods peanut,**is only $150 and you wit SUV ca afford? Yuh eh see meh bowl empty. Dem say dem eh read message and dough see where I put dat. Dem reading like twitter.

Dem look, dem giggle, dem gone in back and quiet. Ah say Miss A.T. excuse ah hope ah eh disturbing wit yuh per-for-mance, but is me, but ah notice big hole in meh draws. Arm, yuh ca sew it quickly before nobody else coming? Miss ting blank meh. Ah say well yes, is Obeah have she train. She brave. Dem dough haunt she? Den I say good riddance to one and ah half meh frend, she have ting she go need to do, Well yuh never see eye look forward and high into de sky.

Boy, I serious, I find Miss A.T. stickup wit newspaper pict-ure with man shoot up, mudder crying, tief jailing. I see she sewing like pit-ure. Me look, me smile…den me eh grin. Is serious wey……Is Barnabas she freinning wit or is Sunday de 23. I tink, but you eh realized is same pict-ure bandit does keep and show…I tell she is to burn all dem vice with same newspaper when show end. Dem go feel de fire.

Dat is why, I tell she why me dough read paper wit dead multiply and have meh tanti who teach meh to tink dis way cussing like old nigger. A day she hear gun bullet outside and drop braps on she hard concrete floor as if she in action flim….she roll under de bed . Dem like to broadcast people sorrow and smile money, but when dem reach home, dem releasing 10,000 pitbull mix. Chain and razer fence. Dem eh see is dem causing it. I say, if I taking ah two brick fall in pit, I ain’t using no national cover page as gazette, is classifies all de wey, no deat announcement I wiping me bottom wit.

As say I does always remember we Wendy Fitz…Blvd, when she eye open and she smile bright clapping, when she reach is white limousine have she travel, and school child-ren sing……Now is bullets flying and car tiefing where she once live.

I personally text message meh Queen, Elizabeth Majesty and she say, who dem small forget I coming to crown she alone on de meaning of DUTY, if meh Diana was bright I would have abdicate long time so meh second child could rule. Dem feel we joking, Eric raise from his ash hide and spin out like superman with 20/20 vision and could hear wey wey from he standing, tall look down from La Trinity. Eric tell meh he joining de fantastic five, coming is cutass in dem skin, but remember he who live he life, den dead for we to raise we head.


* As part of the invitation guests were asked to provide two small snacks. This was a small token in appreciation and as a sharing of communal offering. All Rights Reserved.

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