Obama graciously accepts the Noble Peace Prize

To whom much is given, much is expected


Michelle LaVaughn, dem sending we free again to where  Harald V of N does live, Abba neighbor.  I is lucky meh fadder black like tar, dem still feel dem owe we when is only ten month reach and is b mobile dynamite prize I win. Lawd is free minutes till meh term end, me ain’t have to text message meh card partners and you like before. I better call Shepard and tell he I flammin, I “hope” he ain’t go vex I reach so far.

Obamsee, Hillary calling on de red telephone, I never see dem light bling bright so, like is war, yuh better forget winning dem boobe dynamite prize early and get to she Oval office in mintues before yuh niggarritis take yuh and yuh call in sick.

Listen, just hold one second, its me ho, you’ve made it already, I’ve got to kick his ass, Korea. Hold one moment, you’re messing with Michelle ho, I’ll like Bill to stick it in ho, pot smoker geek pus.

No, no, no, you can’t hold me on that, it was for the Guinness world record, you step back. I made it fine on that shoot. So what it cost them millions, the most expensive photo, you’ll never match that ho….its a good thing we did sign or did we?

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