But Y, I have dat painting


Dem ain’t know I have meh hibiscus flower set  already, but me ain‘t seeing no Porsche pictture ?

As I reach dis man open de glass door, I feel big cause me does look small. I see de big floor and tile I hear sell out. Is dem who come early and raff dem quick on sale, I steups, it gripping meh shoe nice, I steups again. Ah smile, ah say evening to miss lady who give meh almanac, it glossy, I keeping. I look around, is first time me entering artise art showing. Ah looking for Hazel or Hazel Pierre, T.T.T., me ain’t see dem. Ah say dem should be on Mainly for Women. A restaurant man come up to meh, he asked,” what would you like to drink?” I say, meh ain’t in here to spend big money like Hilton, de man say is free, I say free, somebody is paying here for dat, it must be you. I change meh mind, I take de sorrel, Christmas coming. Is sweet. I see restaurant woman come out wit plate, den dem odders in full action and pelt round she, I say she better have food badge, meh ain’t jorting down for fish pie to stink up me mout. I see one make big circle when she have plenty in she belly already, dis is ah wake, who dead?

I see dem standing close, quiet dem talking, quiet like if is secret and dress like wedding but attending funeral. I see Guardian clippings with children who is gone  missing,  den I see plenty Christmas paper cardboard box stick on wall wrap wit no bow. Me open meh almanac, it look like annual report and  have  pict-ture and writing small. I put on meh glasses, I reading, I see de word portraits, me ain’t understand,  me remember only portrayal at mas time. I see de Savannah, ah say how de kodak snap it so bad? Dem ca take pict-ure straight.

So I begin to read annual report selling. I read is twin sisters artise art showing like high school o’level, I say dat nice, family helping with Christmas decoration, one looking giant, de other looking smiley. I look, I see dem flee Guardian clippings and picking Christmas box wrapping. Me ain’t know why, I does carefully save meh Christmas and birtday paper since I born. If I decide to stick up with nail in meh house, is like salon. Yuh surprise, I does know dat word, meh nephew teach meh well on art, he living in Paris.

I say is must be raffle, dem need to shake box and pick. I read annual report, I see meh pension dem asking for empty box wrap with fancy Christmas paper wit gold and green flower print on it,  I see meh pension six month ask for two cardboard box cover with use clico calendar, meh heart beating like fowl ready to kill.  I looking for de glass door leaving, me put down dem glass fast, but drink all de sorrel still. Meh eye glimpse what I see trew meh louvers each morning , meh bunch of sexy pink, is tirteen pension check dem want. Well de Lawd and Gate I reach, meh leg give way like ballerina , me ca remember, I dead so quick. Den meh wake in meh nightie in sweat. Is nightmare Soucouyant take meh.  Praise de Lawd, is dream oui, is dream, I is on meh whole mattress wit same flower like fancy Christmas box wrap paper.

Judith & Irénée
Shaw Exhibition
12 – 22, 2009

All Rights Reserved

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