The Pharaoh in Trinidad

carnival 1959

Ray Funk in an email writes,  Trinidad’s Ministry of Tourist put up on Youtube yesterday the pioneering film of Carnival for 1959, Carnival in Trinidad. The quality of the images isn¹t great but the film has a fantastic detailed look at Carnival 1959 with Children¹s Carnival, a dance concert, Dimache Gras, Jouvert, and carnival Monday and Tuesday.

It is split in three parts. I tried to go through it slowly and match it to
the various bands listed in the xerox I got from the National Archives of a
1959 Carnival booklet to create the index below.  Because of the ability to
start and stop and the time code on Youtube, I have tried to create the best
index I can. I am sure some of you will recognize folks you know, further ID
bands, etc. Please send me additions and corrections.
Government Information Services presents
Carnival in Trinidad
Produced by Wilfred A Lee & Co. Ltd.
Youtube presented in three parts
Part One 9:20 minutes
0:10 three paper mache masks of devil
0:20 designer (George Bailey?) looking through books, plains Indian designs
Mas Camps
0:37 designer (George Bailey?) putting Indian headpiece on
0:55 bull head
0:58 papoose
1:10 King Tut sarcophagus
1:20 Egypt mas construction sphinx
1:38 pan being heated, pounding on pan
1:53 robe for the goddess of the cult of the cobra
2:10 bleachers on the Savannah
2:23 lighting for the Savannah
2:37 steelband in background on the Savannah
2:30-4:20 Children¹s Carnival
3:27 Sioux Indians
4:08 Bookman
Dance Performance
4:20 french dance troupe from Guadaloupe
4:38 limbo dancer
5:26 folk dance troupe
5:38 Dimache Gras
Queen of the Carnival
6:20 Winner kissed by Minister of Education
7:00 Man-Goes
7:17 Pan on road at jouvert
7:30 Tokyo banner
7:55 pan
9:00 fancy clowns
9:05 sailors
9:19 pan
Part Two 8:08 minutes
008 robbers
009 Charlie Chaplin
0:24 Timber Jacks (K. McFarlane) or Lumber Jacks (Samuel Brown)
0:34 Govt Self Help Housing Schemes (Odfrell Rudder)
1:02 sailors
1:15 fancy sailors
1:28 outer space
1:40 memories of Guadacanal and Okinawa
1:50 CeeBees
2:20 Hordes of Atilla the Hun (Valmont Jones)
2:23 pan
2:36 Splendour of Byzantium (E. Lyons)
3:00 Indians
3:24 stokers
3:41 Fancy sailors
4:00 The Crees of Canada (Harold Saldenah)
4:24 pan band in Indian costume
4:36 Amazons (Lyle Achrill)
5:21 Rulers of Persia (Odgell Rudder)
5:40 Ali Baba (1001 Nights ­ Kelvin Rochard)
6:40 African mas
7:10 The Feast of Belshazzar (Ivan McWilliams)
Part Three 7:26 minutes
0:07 The Vanquished Slendour of Russia (Errol Payne)
0:28 Latin band
0:38 Conquistadores (Bobby Ammons)
1:00 brass band
1:02 The Crees of Canada (Harold Saldenah)
2:12 Relics of Egypt Menes-C (George Bailey)

Thank you Ray

1 comment so far

  1. Aldric-George Bailey on

    Greetings Ray…

    I can tell you the following…

    0:20 designer (Harold Saldenah) looking through books, plains Indian designs Mas Camps
    0:37 designer (George Bailey?) putting Indian headpiece on. This is also incorrect…

    I don’t know who it is, but it’s not George Bailey.

    Good work though, keep it up.

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