Susie Wong at Amber light District

Miss Wong that is a work of art, it’s not for sale like how you present yourself

Is now I get off meh day evening shift and de WASA truck driver push meh out in de junction wit plenty Red, Amber and Green light. Me accustom to Red, but is now I invite to plus extra shift at Singer Measuring Tape Artise Modern showing. Dat is a clott district playwhe 7 two ball plus, me like to play wit 12 wit four ball. I see is big iron……gate and is New York security lock meh down one time. I stand like cat woman when dis zamie scan meh leg high and brush meh cat slight. I say yuh focking paying meh, is $200 reach already.

I see dem long walkway, is dark, dark and playwhe 7 district far, so I protection wit Carib bottle neck to damage dem mans, womens, dogs, horses and when I is in heat, donkeys to scar dem face if dem try to outsmart meh, watch good is plenty around I do. I walk brave when dis big focking landrover chicken coop nearly lick meh way and pelt meh on de side of de road where I is accustom, I say dat fowl better not be Amber cause I just razor up dis week meh cat and call it ah Susie just in case.

I see tick Singer Measuring Tape wood sign and I stoop down and pull-out meh Macintosh Plantain Pro 17inch to see if meh web cam working and read meh email invite. I slip it back wit ease. I see stair like World Trade and dem all strong strapping firetruckman dead in vain and dem prick waste, I pray dem getting plenty brush in Heaven. I raise meh leg on de landing and work and rub each time, is higher and stronger till I mount de last step, I release, meh cat smile and make meh sheer pantie hose flint and cause flame between meh legging.

As I reach dem Cobo look so, and so and so like chicken neck when dem man,women, dog, horse and donkey use to eye around meh cat wit dem totee eye and mout. I watch junior sec painting… and remember….. ah remember but I ca remember, or is handicap International Art expo. Meh ain’t see Amber light, but meh see candle light in church anyhow build under tent. I say, why dem eh tell meh is dis, I win Miss Best Village prize ready, and meh in Sunday best, when is table clott garment and tie dem expect.


Amber light district, Singer Measuring Tape Artise Modern, National Housing Tenants playwhe 7, bu, bu, Susie yuh tief ah Amber?

As ah surprise dem pay full and to meh too is plus extra shift I must wok, dem Cobo expect meh to brush small Amber special wit book reading option. If meh cat have to wok separate shift, dat is not meh business, I does like to catch up on meh night reading bible, so far preface II, I reach after ten year. Meh eye pick up on de jumbie dark wor-king obeah on de side, den I see Amber dark jumbie skip and hopscotching straight in front. Meh see Le Crapo preacher Paris visit wit ah visage to cause meh cat to zip up like Nun and fock free everyting in site, include de two iron pillar holding up de roof ready.

Amber jumbie in Artise per-for-mance calling spirit to wake in front of National Housing Tenants. Dem still grinning at he wit teet. Le Crapo hopping, me say why dem eh trow fish net to hole he still. Is is sudden meh cat unzip, just so and meh body Belfon Bicycle in reverse. Meh knee begin to exercise wit thigh master double and I dream of donkey…….. I feel I catching meh Best Village past….. Dance de Bellair oh Dance de Bellair…Me centre on Grand Stand Stage, representing meh Village, me, dance like Queen bee, de soca drumming have meh head in ah spin, meh wagang spirit leaving meh cat..and ah artiste spirit taking over. I is now I begin to dis-cover I is ah ……..Where de garbage truck to buy meh art supple, like old wood, roof nail and scrap find car-nival stick in bead costume wit Elmer.

Meh cat slap meh quick, Susie Wong is five years yuh still have life in and sideways. I raise meh Bellair skirt invisible, and wand and dance meh way out of de place. Ah jump on de hand railing backwards and ride and lub up for free, I take two short and one long drop to de iron gate front, I cuff down and take meh money, and scar de security wit de bottle neck still for being a stinking zammie cause me never going focking back. I wave down every maxi taxi full wit man till I reach territory, meh Wood-Break and meh backseat five door mattress. Is home free I is. I tink all meh life, meh nanny look after meh when I skin down hill, meh nanny watch meh bruise. Is meh nanny who teach meh so to stand like cat woman, is meh nanny I do so remember.

Susie Wong is the pumpkin vine sister of La Diablesse

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