Dave Williams denies role over Proyecto Capital upstage – Alice Yard


miss Williams at Alice Yard

Dem tink he is good, dem feel he does dance la modern, dem eh know he history. Since small miss Dave playing wit Black Barbe dollie after he walk in he fadder bedroom and see he wit ah life size blow up dollie.  Dave ca remember, but he say he like how he fadder bamsee look. Is like dem Baptist dat does catch de fit in church and mess wit man on woman*.

Is Government school he go when principle call he sister to question why he join de elastic team and hand clap in pairs. At home miss Dave dream of musical box  as ballerina and see he self spinning wit fairy tutu.  One evening he look down in he shorts and wonder why he box deform. Sister tel he dat is call ah nanny in proper and pussy if big man raft wit it. miss Dave tell someone far dat he so and so stick out from he shirt pants.  He say is funny like it ca breed.  Soon after miss Williams attend Bishops  and study chemistry, science and rubbing he small wood wi pencil tie wit two rubber band, Den miss Dave brave put he wood inside pencil case and he feel it grow den  stick, only den Miss call he to de blackboard to sum. From de desk she look at he pant smiling brood, fanning she leg and firing signal to he. You is 12, add 6.  Dave remember, “As meh walk front to de blackboard, ah girle tap meh P. box wit she ruler and tell meh to measure de size. Me wood inside vanish and de case fall out meh pant leg and drop on de floor. I tell she is 4 cm metric,  de ruler she say lie, is only tree”.

Dave find out is big people know and he trust dem fully. Story is if ah nanny mature wi Afro round it, it is ready for inspection. De mature wood have name call toto, it join wi stone. Dave say he  hear dat man does use it hard and go crazy when pussy open to invitation jamming it tight.  Is later second man does scream, Oh Jesus Woman and brush it and de totee  does reload and empty tree time. He figure out dat evening is whitee cream stain between he thighs like glue, and practice over and over de word jock and break like if he ready to sit 11 plus exam. He feel sick when he ca read, is blind reach wit all dat vice. miss Dave gone fete and dance de modern under strobe light wit he Abba tune;

Friday night and de the light low
Looking for ah place to go
Where dem play de right music, getting meh in de swing
Yuh come to look for ah king
Anybody ca be dat  mans
Night young and de  music sweet
With ah bit of kiaso music, everyting is fine
Yuh in de mood for ah wine
And when yuh get the de chance
Yuh is ah flaming Dancing Queen

When light dim pitch dark and Kiaso play, is winning wild from side to side and in between whe he find strange. miss Dave stick wit dancer and he wood get in between and he in heaven.  Is cacahole pretend to be nanny whe.

Is years now and miss Dave is Queen’s Dance Hall holding red clot mast like he ready to sail wit Columbus. He does do modern danseuse like spider man sticking on wall and dropping, but I say is like  batee man he really crave to disguise and fly late in de evening to suck victim dry. Is only he train in dance to scale cemetery wall, roll in dirt to find secret bull and taste flour paste like juice.

Ah say miss Dave yuh tell meh is free money at de Yard to pay for de ticket to see yuh dance in front, around and at de back of dem Common Head of State Waste Coming Twice and Quiet Go.  Prase de Lawd. Minshall go hunt yuh down wit he four stick if yuh plan to do he invent, walking dead man procession on de Grand Stand wit Carnival Christmas decoration Brian Mc fal in. I pass yuh standing in yuh National costume, I know were de banana hide. Yuh spot meh bold, and ask, IF I TAKE ALL FOR LATER.  Ah say I leave ah scent for dem  to never forget.  Ah still have small coin in meh bag and I go re-circulate it in ah  envelope and slip it in Cassava box. I see dem fall from meh, I say, all dem coin have stink vice, meh want noting to do wit it.

* Reported that parishers engaging in sexual intercourse during the exorcism of spirits act.

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