Ghada Amer – Red Diagonales Feinins

On the wall, Red Diagonales, dye, embroidery on paper after Ghada Amer courtesy of Feinin

Ghada Amer view from the Brooklyn Museum speaks about her career as Love Has No End, she is an artist who works in many facets as a painter, sculptor, illustrator, performer, garden designer, and installation artist. She describes herself as a painter and is internationally recognized for her abstract embroidered erotic drawings, her entire body of work is infused with ideological and aesthetic concerns….(namely shit). I’m not sure if she has the right to use the term embroidery…the threads looked glued to me.

Wiping your napkin during a heavy flow (threads optional)

After I produced this work which took me two more of the three minutes I wanted to spend on it, the matting and tangling of the threads coated with glue and red dye had me frustrated. I felt it dealt with a subject that was strictly female, or as if I had a heavy period and used the mucus as part of the work. I wondered as well how did she become known? And the answer I am sure is quite simple, she slept with a curator, give or take three times to seal the deal. Nothing wrong with that, you know we men, we’ll screw any crevice.

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