International Student Film Submissions

These are two emails I received posted on thebookmann youtube

1. Toronto Student Film Festival Please pass this along to any students who will be 21 years of age as of Jan.1, 2010. We are holding the 5th annual Toronto Student Film Festival that will be held Saturday April 24, 2010. All film submissions are due by March 22, 2010. It is free to submit a film and the same artist may submit more than one as long as there is a separate submission form. More info at and we have a facebook group at

Jamie MacRae
Executive Festival Producer

2. We’re sixteen: nine International Film Festival and our third rendezvous with student filmmakers from across the globe isn’t far off. Submitting a film at sixteen: nine International Film Festival is the first step towards the realization of teenage dreams and the beginning of what could be a career in filmmaking. If u are interested can get exposure for your films from across the globe as we have participants from 30 countries and a prestige jury from the Indian film industry. Winners are sure to receive international recognition. We usually accept short films, documentaries – fiction and non fiction with an addition of green films that deal with environmental issues. U can check out details and film categories at our website we also have off venue events related to script writing, editing, music videos, subtitiling, etc…All information available at our website. Registrations for all events are absolutely free!! Registration has to be done on our website. You are allowed to send more then one movie and participate in as many events as he/she pleases. Last day for submission is 31st December 2009 any queries Im happy to help .if u interested can contact me at

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