Is so she dis look for in ah king – CHOGM 2009

When you declare that I am a citizen of the Commonwealth, what does that mean?

Ah say listen yuh have ting to do, I ready make plan for we. Tell dem notting is between  Charlie boy. Next is he to de trown. By de way eh see meh crown

Ah look out meh palace window, but yuh blank meh, look is alright, he tell meh you ca believe I remember dem walks

Yuh eh check de Secretariat page? Is flag fete oui wit dem Grenadianee Ahmerica Jahmakca youts in sweet T&T. Yuh eh like how dem does talk? Meh ca understand ah word . Ah like how dem represent we in true bling….Yo man, de Commonwealth is ras clott spliff

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