We are fooled – Doris Dumb Salcedo

After Doris Salcedo’ furniture scuptures

The Pulitzer Foundation for the Art writes on a work called, untitled, “Doris Salcedo serves as a witness to crime, introducing the voice or the silence of victims into an aesthetic context”. Yes, she may have captured this with her music arrangement of broken high chairs, but this not good enough to be warranted as Art. Lets further investigate, what happens if you place some but not all all your furniture in one room, namely the living room. Empty the contents and build a tower?

We are fooled by Art, she thinks of money

Doris’ dumb sculpture caused a few Tate Gallery visitors to hurt themselves when they tripped over her work called Shibboleth. The installation attracted two million curious visitors. Doris Salcedo works with readymade objects namely wood cabinets and chairs, she cements the compartments together to make concrete objects. If one falls on you, you’ll be surely injured.

My aunt would say this over the Shibboleth sculpture at the Tate, “Dem plaster dem focking floor wit concrete, de price so high and ah mudder cunt mason forget to pull out de plank before dem terrazzo it. Ah cut meh shoe strap walking across dis focking blasted shithole, meh eh see is part of de floor slip like we pavement wit crack and big steel drain hole expose when dem cover tief . Dem have so much money and dem ca fix ah floor proper? And de jackass floor painter eh say nutting, Dem is robot inside here or what?

Ah guard come quick, ah say, who is de ass mason who put down dis floor? Ah say, call he for meh. You know dat de shoe sandal sale done, ah pay $39.99 for de pair yuh have meh walking with meh shoe tie wit string…. Yuh better have brandnew strap sandal in gold before I reach de udder side”.

Doris Salcedo’ untitled from 2004 without the concrete padding

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