Weep dream Frida knows her pain

In this study of Frida Kahlo, I pondered over her portrait. Delilah From Wikipedia explains that she was approached by the lords of the Philistines, to discover the secret of Samson’s strength for a sum of course. Three times she asked Samson for the secret of his strength, and three times he gave her a false answer. On the fourth occasion he gave her the true reason: that he did not cut his hair in fulfillment of a vow to God. (De nasty bitch) as Samson slept shave off the the locks from his head.

Can I mock pain? Do you see where I getting at? The truth of a work against a forgery? Do you understand why when feminists follower her work, they lie. Where is the bed?

After Frida Kahlo’ Self-Portrait with “Cropped Hair” 1940. For preparation of Frida Kahlo’ unibrow, I attached clippings of my own pubic hair

In 1925, Frida Kahlo suffered serious injuries in a bus accident, the result broke her spinal column, broke her collarbone, broke ribs, broke her pelvis, fractured in many parts her right leg, crushed her foot, and dislocated her shoulder. An iron handrail pierced her abdomen and her vagina.

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