Feinin goes to Chris tar far Cosy ay’ “Attack of the Sandwich Men” show

Ah take meh time wi me ruler, ah cut dem wax paper precise. Dem eh see de art in dat. Eight loaf ah choose, spreed out and leave, ah trou bleach on dem so cock ca roach dough come to investigate. I run two already.

One say to de other, “look, let we formulate ah discussion, yuh see how he does use de brown bread in representation of de self. Is true, beneet de brown surface is ah layering of emptiness, yuh ca grasp ah space tangible to ah meaning.

Why he eh make ladder instead wit teetpick instead he use stadium fete flag? De ladder too hard to stick, but ah know it mean to tread on. One ca reach de top witout putting dem Converse shoe on ah odder head, like when dem running after we. De flag is abou car rup tion, de flag symbolise ah trick-star right in de core of dem.

One from far point wit he antennae, “Each bread slice does put burden on de odder, de one on top conquering de one below, I does feel I is de last one he make, ah wonder if I ca trap meh self between de brown divisions and sail where he natural wind does navigate he”.

Why not ah Coehlo Caucasian loaf? Why anoint wit grease proof ? What does de foiling signify? ” To cover de sandwich head, see he intent is ah visual whiteness, ah transparency to wrap de self, to cover he own creole-ness , like we, as in ah extreme polar position, brown on de outside, and when we get trample by dem oppressors, is we white self spread out de floor from de inside….”

Ah pee, I  tink, how to mess wit dem head. Look is slice loaf wrap, true dem figure out in dem small imps head. Meh brain busting , ah tink, maybe is meh national masthead  perched in de centre, ah laugh. Ah ready plan de talk, discriminate de meaning, simplify de cohesiveness, bread de grain…de eight slice wrap fold like pirogue bow wit de flag tick out like sail…Yuh surprise ah see it….

Chris tar far Cosy ay meets Feinin at dem slave owner, Prince Clout wit big guard railling so dem artiste does feel high and important like Golden Ray des add de Caribbean flavour. ah make it wit string in from of meh bench?

Dough touch de Sandwich

Boy dis show is star and yuh eh know how meh belly does grumble at dem Artise Ga-la-ree opening….So ah ” Attack Three Sandwich Man” quick before dem slave reach and teif meh Chris tar far Cosy ay bench

Chris tar far Cosy ay meets Diego

Dis ball feels like ah counterfeit…

My aunt’s view over this work would be, “Dis factory nice, what dem does sell in here? Ah gone into de show room, meh eye sick so eh ca see near, ah look so and say, is here Coehlo factory…dem loaf reduce de size ahgain…

Read more on he from dem Bombsite

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