Martin Parr seeks Feinin’s Anthropology

Doc Martin Limbo after Martin Parr Common Sense (Cup of Tea)

Second test shot of the Doc Martin limbo dancer

Martin Parr is a British Internationally established photographer whose work stems from documenting and capturing the peculiarity of old English in their customs and manner. His photographs are of details, an aristocrat’s brim hat, a beach chair, all that is Britannia to his own amusement. Whether his subjects are aware of his presents, it appears intrusive. His plan is already set, ” Look for dem red skin midget wit plenty gold teet”.


Show&Tell Abovegroup presents Show & Tell Special: Photographer Martin Parr Friday, 8th January 2010

Just hours before this study, I was told to be recognized international (Artwise) you should produce spectacular failures….such as the works above.

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