Hit wit yuh mout

Hit by Trinidadian Adele Todd, 2000

In a series of four square canvas, HIT’s attempt was to showcase aspects of verbal abuse by depicting facial expressions, drawn by thread of course. Verbal abuse, it comes from all directions. In the act, in contorts the face, and what you focus on is the mouth as you trying to get your point across. The angrier you get, the mouth begins to salivate. like a tennis match you volley your insults and then your opponent volley’s back.

Four mouth pieces that tell a story

Note the gum, the pallet of the mouth all embroidered

What do people argue over, here are some samples

The neighbour to the right, he starts.” I need something to eat, or I go faint”, he continues very loud, ” We have nutting in the house, no toilet paper, no soap, no toothpaste, no milk, no bread, no rice, no oil….what kind of person are you gallivanting all day in your car? To the right of me. Flared up, the woman’s name, you can’t take care of (the child’s name) alone, I am paying for this place you can’t do it alone. He cusses but under his breath, like a church choir boy. Apparently locked out. To the back, “Shut up, shut up yuh old nag.” (A older couple)

Why do we look so ugly when we argue?

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