Feinin with “No Shame” Adele Todd’s Dimensional Embroidery

The embroidery objects by Adele Todd wore by Feinin

In the final part of interpreting Adele Todd’s recent work, Feinin took the opportunity to mock himself. The dimensional embroidery, termed by the artist are actually local phrases made from thread wrapped around wire and wadding. I am deflowered as a blue Bullerman, colorful Zammie and crowned in yellow and green with the title, “No Shame”.

And here you see Hieronymus, the future in art. Machines chewing at man. In the future you see memory will be theirs.

Adele Todd’s phrases and hangings

Adele Todd’s dimensional embroidery, her best phrase, “DEM DOES MACO MEH BAD, DEM HEAD SPINNING, DEM CONFUSE EH”

The Artist explains further, ” I looked at the idea of our local slang words and their playful meaning in these works that I have coined as ‘dimensional embroidery.’ I use this name because my objective is to play with thread in a way where the material can come alive through continuous wrappings. These works are made with wire, wadding and miles and miles of threads.”

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