Feinin to Martin Kippenberger, go into the Corner

Martin Kippenberger’s marred destiny

After Martin Kippenberger, “Go into the Corner, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself”
1989, Museum of Modern Art

The ladder of truth

Let go of your grace

Bite the bullet, give me respect

These four photographic installations are after “Go in the corner, shame on you” by Martin Kippenberger

In his career, Martin Kippenberger explored all aspects of art making, from performance to painting, he knew his art would leave an impression, his installations are sophisticated and they reflect a premonition. The coffin bed is an excellent example, his dumpster and crucifix works gave a bitter taste to the art establishment which took the practice and themselves too seriously. His art was a revolt but it was also a reminder that anything can be art. Martin Kippenberger borrowed from the trends of established contemporary artists, his paintings and drawings have a likeness to David Salle.

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