Sarah Lucas’ School master’s art homework

After Concrete Boots by Sarah Lucas

School master’s art homework after Idealized smoker’s chest no.2

After Two Fried Eggs and a Kebab

Lucas reclining Au Naturel by feinin

Sarah Lucas is funny, her work are puns on penis envy, I rather live with the possibilities of working in a field so obscure in the minds that resist this glamorous tableau of recycled concepts.

1. large expansive scale work
2. Any reflective surface
3. A scull portrait is necessary, without it you are doomed
4. Animals dissected (taxidermy) Thank you Mr. Hirst
5. Lights or neon signage in a controlled manner
6. Nudity
7. The phallus and vagina
8. The breast to ass, the mouth to tongue
9. Flagellation or slash paintings
10. A car used as a sculpture
11. A large mystical puppet
12. A tree trunk with roots
13. Readymades, yes thank you, with out them, I would have never done most of these parodies. I spent not a dime, isn’t that art ?
14. Objects made from precious materials
15. The Christ figure in all forms (Crucifixion, Madonna, Annunciation)
16. Any performance art that entails entrails or risk
17. A shoe
18. A table and chair
19, Books or leaves of books
20. A bicycle
21. Death

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