Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ Time Pieces

A ream of paper, sheets of gold-leaf and a curtain call after Passport] 1991

In a personal letter, Felix Gonzalez-Torres writes, “don’t be afraid of the time, they are our time, time has been generous us. We imprint time with a sweet taste of victory……We are synchronized, now and forever…”

Gonzalez-Torres mentions that his audience is Ross. At first I thought, Ross? does he mean Diana Ross. Then I thought perhaps it was one he loved. In the parody of his paper ream, I was distracted consistently. I also had the urge to write in script, the word Ross across the top leaf. With his installation of two clocks set at the same time, and two large marble tablets, I said these works are memorials.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s works at first said nothing, but with further investigation about the artist’s personal life, his art represented his devotion to an individual.

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