Martin Parr at Scotchman’s Yard

“What does the neon sign read, Scotchman’s Yard? ” after Martin Parr 6/8

This was the first time to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. I had attended the CHOGM and liked very much the island. I was invited to the StudioFilmClub to see a screening of a big blue bat with sparkles. When I arrived it was awfully quiet, I had to carry my camera in my large handbag and over my coat and dress, the nights lately have been quite chilly.

“I have a sense that I been spooked”

The steps to this opening made me dizzy, I had to grab hold onto the avant-garde hand railing. It was impossible to think this artists run establishment refused many times to install a service elevator, I am a middle aged man, my hearing is bonkers, my foot swells in this temperature, shamrock. Finally, I reached the heading. What a lovely array of flower pots, does this installation belong to Martin Creed? Waste and empty wine cartons, so who had a party mate?

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