Lenovo technology that keeps cool

zhang ziyi loves the new Lenovo 2010 cool, light as air, she also made a recovery disks set with ease. Lenovo with Microsoft kong-fu kicks.

“Boy friend, its Yang Yuanqing’s sweetest cooling system coming out from Shanghai shop, I’m making a recovery of this ancient windows, Bill’s Gs favorite called 版本是中小型企業的最佳選擇大型企業, I think am running out of the Ds, could you pass by with a spool or two. Honey, its a all black silky 15 inch blank screen with powerless Lenovo Taiwan technology that keeps it cool and non running. Baby, I can’t wait to boot this MF clunker with I B EMBARRASSED hardware across to you with my kong-fu-homeboy-made-in-America-shoes.

Yang you should show me your “Yuanmeng” and ” Make my dreams come true”, I’ll like the boys at HP to buyout Lenovo and your bowl of rice and 李振藩, 李小龍 kick you both into the Red China sea. I’ll personally will throw in for free, a Gates Vista recovery, his fastest and most reliable anchor.

Le no no novo, le no no novo, no work work mac vista, no work work mac  vista

I inadvertently recommended a IBM ThinkPad when it turned out to be a Lenovo. I am embarrassed over this referral. I never knew of this company.

Feinin introduces the first binary code, On/ Off

IBM’s Thinkpad T42 (purchased 2005 ) against the Lenovo ThinkPad SL400 ( purchased 2009) Read more over this Lenovo

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