Gabriel Orozco – Art is a scam

A Feinin parody of Gabriel Orozco’s photograph, the heart molded from clay. He also used a empty shoe box titled, “Empty Shoe Box”. 1993, Shoe box, 12.4 x 33 x 21.6 cm shown at the Moma retrospective in 2010.

“My heart” after Gabriel Orozco’s My Hands Are My Heart. 1991

After Gabriel Orozco’s empty shoe box

Orozco’s empty shoe box should be looked upon by its label, the viewer wants to know what type of shoe was bought. Does he own it? Did he wear it on the opening? Or does the empty box represent another meaning?

Most likely, it was a brogue shoe as it generally symbolizes wealth.Artist like Barbara Kruger have employed it as a device with her slogan. Gabriel Orozco’s flaw is that he forgot to leave the tissue paper in his installation, as a reminder of the newness of it. At 1993 Venice Biennale Orozco lay mention, “What is most important is not so much what people see in the gallery or the museum, but what people see after looking at these things, how they confront reality again”. A janitor at the Biennale thought of it the same way, in reality, he removed it from the floor and trashed it.

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