Jason Rhoades’ Candy

Strawberry glaze with sprinkles over a cinnamon doughnut

Fudge chocolate over strawberry glaze on a vanilla doughnut lightly sprinkled after Jason Rhoades, Donut Installation, ca 2001

I very much like the installation work of Jason Rhoade, his neon signage hangings makes you wonder what a poontang doughnut muncher he was.

Jason Rhoade is a closeted Evis Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries (technically a self taught interior designer)who is married to Edina Monsoon, his adviser, daughter to Mrs. Betty Slocombe and Mr. James Dick Lucas.

In memory of Jason Rhoades 1965-2006

Homage to Black Pussy

Diving into a dark chocolate custard pink frost butter pecan doughnut with protection – Elvis Lives

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