YoYoCo Oh No at the The Metropol Itan Museum of Art

The Actor

Yoco Oh no at the The Metropol Itan after the incident at the The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A significant masterwork was ripped apart after YoYoCo Oh No attending an art class at the Metropol Iton. Ms. Oh No slipped on a dollar note and lost her footing, falling into the Pablo Picasso’s 1904, “The Actor” painting. Someone screamed, “YoYoCo is this your cut me a piece of you performance?“, as the guest celebrity was demonstrating traditional Chinese origami to an art class how to make a circle from one sheet of paper. The dollar that cause her to slip is in dispute. Who left it there? Does Ms. Yo YoCo Oh No’s thrift coat need mending?

The painting behind the Metropol Itan guest instantly was slashed like a boxing day sale with 40 % off its value of $ 130 million dollars. A stock market crash evaporating millions at the hands of a former performance artist with her Damien diamond tip surgical scissors worth exactly the same. YoYoCo Oh On chucked in lyric,What’s wrong with a small tear, don’t you know the painting ts now worth triple in value and there will have fools like myself grokking all over the canvas trying to see how well the Metropol Itan mended it when next it is hung flat on the ceiling ♫”. Authorities quickly seduced her at once and took her below. There, she was thrown into a mob of slam-dance artists and song writers, penance to teach them not to follow in her footsteps.

The diamond studded platinum surgical pair of shears and dollar bill taken as evidence. Authorities have induced that the momentum of the 50 pound weight caused the 23.6 inch gash as Ms. YoYoCo Oh No lunged back onto Picasso’s “The Actor” right at his ulnar nerve, now the most priceless work of Art in America and due to Ms.Oh No’s incapacity of using the Hirst diamond shears

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