Open Forum

Are they any questions over these parodies?

Is there any artists you would like me to attempt?

A bag of money

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  1. TJ on

    I’ve been checking out your blog monthly for quite some time now (since I stumbled across the soucouyant photo in 2007). I find it best to do that, because I like to read multiple new things at once. I can’t handle reading one post and then having to wait until tomorrow for something new. 🙂

    Anyway, back to the matter at hand.
    if possible, would love to see you make some photos done in the style of the painter Claude Monet. Preferably closer to his stuff circa. 1917-1926, but if not, s’all good. Keep up the good work! Really good stuff… or at least I find so.

    PS: The folklore series you did was ridiculously good.

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