Do-Ho Suh’s bidet parodox

Why this  failed

Study 1 Armored coat

Study 2 Chicken wire, glass, pebble stones

Study 3 Weave-mat, chicken wire, pebble stones

Do-Ho Suh‘s installation pieces are about war, remembrance, oppression and colliding ideologies produced in a sophisticated manner, if he be. These are art memorials. Do-Ho Suh installations are an combination of large medium or small toy action figures, yet they seem too literal in it’s meaning.

Cultural paradox after seoul home

In western culture, this is not a toilet, but a bidet. ” Isn’t art appreciation wonderful”

Please add any kind of facade, obelisk or make-shift room primarily a kitchen, bedroom or toilet or as with Do-Ho Suh’s, two buildings colliding to the list

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