Hirst sets a world indoor record at Tate’s Turbine Hall

Bring out the beast

Damian confronts his morality at 32 km/h* leaving a trail of horse manure to fill the crack** at Tate Modern’s turbine hall

The bull: “Lets get it straight , which deity you’ve got to worship?”

Hirst: “Mother of Gold, Sister of Money…you Messiah!”

Cow: ” My milk feeds your children, how dare you denigrate my body”

Still-life, “Head Hunter” after Paul Cézanne

* Speed based on the Tiger shark
** The installation, Shibboleth at the Tate gallery in London, England
See the feinin of Hirst‘s spin paintings

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  1. Branden on

    How did you get so much air in cow-4.jpg?

  2. thebookmann on


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