Runway Project – Mila’s Pocahontas dress

If fools you think, fools we’re not

Mode style the latest glamour for the 1920’s

Brandice, ” this dress is something I’ve always wanted” designed by Mila

Brandice, “This is so much better than nearly tripping in that dress before.” Low Model walks to the centre of the catwalk, disrobes and assembles an Indian tent. A first for Project runway

Judges of Runway Project episode 10, Heidi Klum and Michelle Barack Obama

Barack: “Heidi Heidi Hoe, Sister Franklin lent Prez super Air force 1 fly her Jemima bow head tie, I’m kicking with you honey tonight , lets see some chain fence twat on that upscale catwalk…”

Emergency phone: ” Yes babes, I borrowed your shawl from your prized Jacqueline K closet. Is the country running OK? Is there anything more, cause you’re holding up my nuke, guess whose next line…”

Barack: ” I think Mila’s dress could be winter covers for NASA’s space shuttle rocket boosters”

Heidi: I like that Brandice took the initiative to carry a spare scissor to cut herself out of that dress”

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