Faith belongs to Francis of Assisi

Francis Bernardone – Faith is not about faith but of belief in oneself……

Eyes that blind thee , troubles far over the backs of the deceivers

The Stigmata of Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone after Giotto

You see, its too soon, yet the game seems taken by you, forever forgiven in dreams of hate. I am that who sees, blasphemy eyes over God, the savior of man in his humblest form. Choose not them against his will…Amen

If you want to believe in Christianity, you must believe in the faith of Francis of Assisi. This work at first had a purity, but then I neglected the very fact that he, Francis of Assisi believed more within himself than what others expected of their faith.

Who is this saint that not of Assisi?

In the feinin: So I was jailed, never mind that. Believe in something, almighty, grand, inspiring. Sit near a tree, give you time to God, almighty heaven. I saw your brother, I kissed his feet, I tore a ligament, I bled to the floor. Solitude, great almighty, majestic love in perfection. All around me I sang to thee, all around me I sang to thee. Impossible to think, I was jailed you see. Order, laceration, magical gift, monks, loser, courage, patronization, scrotum

With these two studies, the crucifixion piece and Saint, I became very particular over the details, but also I was frustrated at each stage not getting it right. I want better of this. Why am I doing this I’ve been asked many times, I don’t have an answer and I am at a stage were I really don’t know, nor am I fully enjoying the experience so independently alone without some sort of tactile intervention.

Beyond what I believe, there lies the truth, Justice is never pure, until your hands are tied, beaten, robbed, cast with stone.  Love wanders far from the souls who seek his name. ” Where is he before him”

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