The Coco Channel Heist at Musee d’Art Moderne

Underground Art Collectors

Carl Latherhair, Sabasbation Johneau and Amedeo Modigliani’s “Woman with the Fan(1919)” pose for the Underground Art Collectors Magazine

Sabasbation Johneau: “You know Maestro Carl, I had to sleep with the curator to get this frame, I hope you happy because it felt so good for the first time since you’ve been seeing me, now get that Modigliani off the wall, don’t you see those Coco Channel decorative nails have ruined our bedroom decor”

Carl Latherhair; “Carta ragazzo came here, kneel , what have I told you about boasting, all I asked you is if you deliver the newspaper weekly at 12am and if it was ok for you to sleep over and how can yo say I’m dating you now? Where’s the penthouse Carta ragazzo, you don’t expect me to visit you in one of your shared bunkers, “whack

Who owns this work besides Carl Latherhair?

1. A Collector
2. A fool
3. One of forty forgeries out there
4. 50% off the value of the stolen painting
5. The gallery

After the Musee d’Art Moderne heist

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