thebookmann and Feinin studies

Richard Bolai lives and works from Trinidad, West Indies. He is a bookbinder,Graphic designer and the author of thebookmann, which from 2004, has written and photographed independently aspects of Trinidad and Tobago’s art culture.

In 2008, he began a series of self studies called Feinin which incorporated digital superpositions of artists who have left a mark in art history by using the internet as the core of reference. He also produced parodies relating to anthropological studies of Trinidad and Tobago, for example, folklore or observations of the society via class and stereotypes

The work then expanded by actually creating dimensional replicas, capturing a map over the subjects to explore the underling subconscious in the form of art. This aided the ability to analyze art by producing art parodies to understand the meaning behind it. No money was spent or assistance in producing these compositions from common items found in his home, a chair, a mirror, or old tyre.

The artists lists includes, da Vinci’s Last Supper, Koons’s dog, Hirst’s spin paintings, Andres Serrano’s piss Christ to Monet to name a few, over one hundred artists’ have been completed, producing one in every 24 hour cycle.

It should be noted that with the feinin studies, you should see that actual work that is been parodied via the link. It makes no sense otherwise.

thebookmann archives is a source of information for art academics and students alike. A major contributor to thebookmann is Adele Todd

Interview with the bookman

All photographs, Feinin studies, accompanying quotes, articles and visual headers appearing on this site are the exclusive property of Richard Bolai © 2004 – 2010. All Rights Reserved. Any use requires written permission

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