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Interpreting Christ Mass in Trinidad 2009

Bu dem looking like witches mamee.  No child , dem is real fairy wit blue and red wig hiding in manikin to fright dem children like you

Now, small Kenny go climb up dem easy step and ask de head witch what yuh want for yuh last Christmas,tell she to phone meh, ah waiting down here.. Hello, is what he want? a rope, ah hook and ah Tarzan outfit in blue, now is ah tested parachute pack. “Kenny de witchhave meh confuse, me ca understand dem witchland language. come, jump quick son before she turn and trow salt on yuh, use de tuck and roll, dat go break yuh fall.

Oh colour thy Christ Mass

Thou peek thee Christ in land fairest

With thee fear fairest adorn

Hold thy star whereith light shineith night

All mystic ye bright

When thee was born

They sang  sweet yonder tillith dawn thy heavens blindith thee

In  hearts thy serene in peace wereith see

Goodwill to thee

Ye Christ Mass to thee

See the sign accompaning this fiasco

Aay, is starboy Myer who make de grade wit dem spirit Meiling witch dress

International Student Film Submissions

These are two emails I received posted on thebookmann youtube

1. Toronto Student Film Festival Please pass this along to any students who will be 21 years of age as of Jan.1, 2010. We are holding the 5th annual Toronto Student Film Festival that will be held Saturday April 24, 2010. All film submissions are due by March 22, 2010. It is free to submit a film and the same artist may submit more than one as long as there is a separate submission form. More info at and we have a facebook group at

Jamie MacRae
Executive Festival Producer

2. We’re sixteen: nine International Film Festival and our third rendezvous with student filmmakers from across the globe isn’t far off. Submitting a film at sixteen: nine International Film Festival is the first step towards the realization of teenage dreams and the beginning of what could be a career in filmmaking. If u are interested can get exposure for your films from across the globe as we have participants from 30 countries and a prestige jury from the Indian film industry. Winners are sure to receive international recognition. We usually accept short films, documentaries – fiction and non fiction with an addition of green films that deal with environmental issues. U can check out details and film categories at our website we also have off venue events related to script writing, editing, music videos, subtitiling, etc…All information available at our website. Registrations for all events are absolutely free!! Registration has to be done on our website. You are allowed to send more then one movie and participate in as many events as he/she pleases. Last day for submission is 31st December 2009 any queries Im happy to help .if u interested can contact me at

Patna village celebrates Divali 2009


This year thebookmann went to Patna Village to take pictures of the Divali celebrations, only to be met by empty streets. He was so surprised to see nothing going on, and a passerby from the area told him that crime has kept people indoors. This reality made him pause, because Divali,the first of three holidays in the year of a religious nature, all believe in lighting the darkness, is now a casualty of society today.

He understands perfectly that people are wary, and feel no confidence in their government or law enforcement when they decide to forgo a wonderful, family and neighbour oriented occasion. But it could not be missed that this decision went against all that the festival is about. We light our deyas tonight with the affirmation that we shall stem the darkness, it will NOT PREVAIL, and we shall vanquish the terror in the end.

Shubh Divali

Be Thankful – Independence at forty six

Callcards identifying who we are as a nation; A New Nation, I am Trinidadian, I am Tobagonian, Brotherhood, Unite as one, I come from a paradise, I am Caribbean , Build Together,I have a future,

The Bookman and Adele took a moment today to do a project to reflect thankfulness for Trinidad and Tobago.
Small callcards were made up with different statements on them in red, white or black and were placed around various common meeting areas. The objective being to create an intimacy with the recipient as well as to encourage reflection.

The Coat of Arms at the Queen’s park Savannah, a day before Trinidad and Tobago celebrates forty six years of Independence.

We also took the installation, Patrimony out of its original space and into the environment and shot it in state, as part of our response to our nation’s anniversary. We are still filled with optimism and hope and we saw many signs today, as we drove around and looked at our national colours draped in homes and on trophies for a walk/run tomorrow in St. Joseph. As the sun went down on the day, there was a wonderful calmness and beauty to our land, and we felt truely grateful. – Adele

St. James’ Dame Lorraine

The mocking society

At the traditional carnival street competition in St. James last evening, a hefty crowd came out to support a handful of Old Mas performers. From the Midnight Robbers to the White Fruit Bats, masqueraders did their jig of speeches, dances and enactments.

The Dame Lorraine is a character taken from the French aristocrat from the 18th century. The costumes are an elaborate fanfare of hats, fans and large hoop skirts decorated with glitter. The dance of the Dame Lorraine may vary to a dainty chip or to a contemporary lewd, all on the ground Jamette wine, the latter generally is awarded with a ruckus applause. The essence of the costume is the exaggeration of the bosoms and derrière to fit the physical characteristics of the Negro woman. The sway of the hip and high position of derrière delights the sexual appetite of the observer.

The clip shows the Dame Lorraine portrayed by a family of sisters. One Dame Lorraine has called her costume, short season as she complained over the difficulty of getting fabric to cover the length of her gown. The last is a tribute to the cricketer, Brian Lara. Above: The Dame Lorraine at the traditional Mas in St. James, Trinidad and Tobago. Next, Bats.

Old Years at SWWTU

I storming it

This large facade that faces Wrightson Road, Port of Spain is the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Trade Union (SWWTU). The tiled and seamless mosaic illustrates a streamliner entering the Port of the Capital. It is one of the most recognized signs of a period when Trinidad and Tobago had great vision for her future.

But in less then 48 hours, just beyond this building, to the SWWTU hall, couples will be dressed up in their best garb to ring in the New Year to 2008. May the nation show compassion towards its people.

Storming a fete : Many years ago, one of the local newspapers captured the backside of a woman skimming over a wall. From the photograph it was clear that this was an important venue to attend. She wore a lovely evening dress with large clog shoes.

Divali…the Hindu Festival of Lights

Lighting a Dayas in Trinidad

The small community in Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago celebrates Divali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. During the course of the evening, bamboo structures of a Helicopter, Swan, Cobra, Bicycle, Scorpion, Tarantula and a train were set with Dayas on the eve of the Divali celebrations. See the process and synopsis on youtube


In Trinidad Tobago, all festivals are known by everyone because there are many people who talk to other people of different races. Divali or Diwali is a well-known festival in Patna Village. Mr. Bhasook Mahadeo (AKA ” Keeshan “) is a Hindu living here in Patna and he owns the bar on the street. He loves Divali and likes to get everyone to known of it by hiring Mr.Dexter. A craft man who makes creations with Bamboo. And every Divali, Mr. Dexter will create vivid creatures with Bamboo.

Busting Bamboo; The process is to cut the Bamboo and bore a hole. Then you insert fire through that hole. You run and the Bamboo bursts. That’s how I know to do it. It is very Dangerous so don’t try it. Coming close to Divali, and Mr. Dexter will finish his master-pieces. After they are finished, they will tie wire onto the Bamboo, then, Deyas will be placed in the wire. After, you put oil and a wick.

Structures made from bamboo for the Divali festival, Trinidad

In the evening, Mr. Bhasook will start his show. Other children of different races from various places will light the deyas. Some do it for fun, some do it for the proper use (giving tribute to Mother Laxmi or Lutchmi- Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity) Divali is very nice. Hindus clean their homes, fast by eating no egg or meat for 14 or 21 days and on Divali night, they light their deyas in their home to welcome Mother Laxmi into their home and lives (for Spiritual blessings) and Mother Laxmi will remove any evil from your life. The light of the Deya shows that good will always over come the bad.

Voices from the street: Justin Ramsaroop, Patna village, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies on the eve of the Divali celebrations.


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