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Bats – Chiroptera

Specimen 1

As I woke, this small bat was lying on the bed sideboard, deceased but still warm before rigor mortis had set in. Its quite a marvel….We are humbled

Specimen 2

Specimen 3

I also examined the bat’s weight and sex. I found it to be quite heavy, and that too in relation to its wing span, the ratio was short. I wondered over the beginnings of the human flight, and her fashionable coat to kept warm during those cold night flights.

Fancy King’s last carnival step

The sailor with his fire stoker. Where dem udder King sailors, is war still in Iraq cause me ain’t see only is me like here

My bladder bust, me pelt behind wall and pee* river like Caroni and is only two Man Guinness ah drink cost meh meh whole month salary….

In traditional carnival, the Fancy king sailor wears an elaborate head-piece, a decorative symbol on the back of the shirt, and bell bottoms trousers. The uniform is copy of the American sailor based in Trinidad during the second world war. It is also the time the oil steel drums was invented into the musical instrument Trinidadian call the steel drum. An important aspect of the sailor is his arsenal of baby powder and his or her sailor dance.

* A common site during Trinidad carnival are men urinating on walls, and women over drains

Midnight Robber Rustler

The Midnight Robber character is based on the Mexican revolution fighter, here he is toting his firearm and sombrero hat

Robber speech: “On a breezy morning, like ah king out of hell, I drift across de Savannah to see who dere. Obeah make dem drink, spinning flasks toil grave stone ride only by bus. Ah bamsee pass meh straight, de horn dem does fight, is Tuesday mask parade. Obeah money rise from ghosts pelt stone at she. Ah tornado coming, ghosts in a panic, money thunder, Tobago higher. Drink, mess wit obeah, candle bright squeaking imps, bottle sins, Rose pelt bottle back.

Corbeaux miss treat lion, is jackass moon-walking leprechaun. De Queen know him free, waiting jewels, Christmas time, bite she hand. Trickster Tuesday, monkey pee near tree, bust bottle, cap cut. Drink swift Trinbago monster, blue band next, AIDS limp wine, Tuesday payol messing wit water glue. Naked, curse, fadas noose, chest game winner, Corbeaux reach, cinema picture perfect, bomb school teacher, class take cover, is obeah licks, teacher cry, run a mock, best village, San Fernando taxi stand crash, is meh first test creeping across dem coaster car brake jam, bamsee empty jam. Buff, patang, screech, lopsided, spinning wheels.

Chicken nest, cock feet rampage, Ajax roti curry fig. Look money teach monster fadar country, Rainorama hotel cock fight lose. Tuesday masqueraders, pantie bust. Two sinners scratch, bite, pull, till tot tots  flop out as dem man wit roti curry saltfish gold cap grin, spin and wine on ah nudder sinner rump.

Bottle heading, swing flying across meh teet. Pang, whatang, jook, look cuff….pencil sharp inside neck, suffer det. Money problem accuse. Robber wicked, fire mouth, shark fin grouper, swallow and emasculate traitors in a land of many. Soca, obeah hand, toejam reap high from dem toe, is many fall dead marching on grave stone road.

Potato, carrot, weed pie sweet, jump up sinners, bounce ah Mac truck. Ajax cement flour mix juice, lucky, cancer treat dem well, Old, fat wish, stone hedge coffin, passing La Basse cook, fry rice, chicken pilau soup, oops meh time to reap,water so stink, follow meh to town, bus route wrong, Obeah trickster, Charlotte street roadside pavers candle bright, obeah now rest for dem Tuesday evening mêlée lap.

Lookout money, dem corrupt singers, tell is I who draw, fire, shoot de King of mas. Follow, rise beneath Charlotte. Money wavers, look, is trickster coco payol empty gun, stop meh dead, bring back sweetee, tulum, conchs, shilling price……money rise and send meh back to hell”.

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Dame Lorraine – Rachel Pringle

Dame Lorraine, Rachel Pringle of Barbados

The Barbadian beauty woes, ….men break* in their pants. She releases her merkin belt, Canadian Newfoundlanders ** arrive at the Puerto de España docks…

The black Marilyn Monroe Lorraine

Rachel: “If dat tuna fish whore feel because she sleep wit John Focking K feel she have ting on meh, well meh sweet sugar cane juice and vat rum make meh flat land owner nearly give way CANADA for we black molasses whiplash syrup dem Jah make ca make meh so breed in Bajan prime pollock”.

One of the many portraits of Pringle where I want her “business” dragging of the floor

In the Dame Lorraine studies, I had encountered many compounded problems keeping all together the elements of the costume, this was a parody of Rachel Pringle, but the studies look much like Chris Ofilli’s portraits. Regardless of the outcome, I need assistance in these types of parodies where I am unable to see correctly, there were details that went array.

* Cum
** Canadian Atlantic cod

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Hirst sets a world indoor record at Tate’s Turbine Hall

Bring out the beast

Damian confronts his morality at 32 km/h* leaving a trail of horse manure to fill the crack** at Tate Modern’s turbine hall

The bull: “Lets get it straight , which deity you’ve got to worship?”

Hirst: “Mother of Gold, Sister of Money…you Messiah!”

Cow: ” My milk feeds your children, how dare you denigrate my body”

Still-life, “Head Hunter” after Paul Cézanne

* Speed based on the Tiger shark
** The installation, Shibboleth at the Tate gallery in London, England
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Édouard Manet’s loneliness

Alone, after “Le Buveur d’absinthe”

Abstinence, after Bar Folies Bergere

Part 2

More falures

Peggy Guggenheim’s pavillion at La Biennale di Venezia MMX

Peppermint Wrigley sculpture at the entrance to the Guggenheim

Ghost, who lifted a piece of my chewing gum after Barry Flanagan

A posthumous exhibition of Peggy Guggenheim’s favorite work at the Pavilion La Biennale di Venezia MMX

There are many misconceptions over heiress Peggy Guggenheim, in the study, I put myself in a straight jacket as If she suffered from madness, indeed she was, yet her persona was not what it was presented to be, beneath,  she loyalty to her collection was kept under her nose. The spectacle are just sun glasses.