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My leisurely Sunday stroll – Art at the Oval

A public Art project supported by private sponsors under guidance of the Trinidad Art Society located at the Queen’s Park Oval, Port of Spain.

The Queen’s Park Oval wall has a face lift after it was painted white for the World Cup Cricket venue in 2006. The entire wall has been placed with large posters showcasing the who’s who in local contemporary art. This is to spruce up the capital and give the public a look at art where they may have never seen it before. The vinyl posters are to be up until Carnival 2009.

Men at work, the Queen’s Park Oval, Tragarete Road, Port of Spain
What needs to be done to make this project benefiting.

1. The Trinidad Art Society should include walking tours of the space open to the public by someone who is knowledgeable on the subject.
2. Target the community, schools, elder homes, disable people etc.
2. Invite artists to talk about their work.
3. Make it aware that high quality reproductions of the work are available.
4. Rotate this exhibition in other places including on the island of Tobago.

The Queen’s Park Oval mural spared by the onslaught of carnival mas, 2009

Marilyn Monroe – Self portrait series

A study of illusion and reality, parody, humour and humanity

In the history of American icons from the twentieth century , Marilyn Monroe has be immortalized by artists in the effort to give her a sense of reincarnation. I found this self study to be just that, immortal, captured from a negative. Nevertheless to say, I was overcome by a dainty girl who by all means was prudish, concerned over her height, bitchy, clingy and needy.

Her popularity was a reflection of someone who hated all the attention, but craved it (independently). She was no fool, bright, careless in her ways and suspicious of people. Her life was turbulent, her passing, a kept secret, forever and ever and ever.

Marilyn Monroe’s heart was open to her perpetual insecurities, her spirit lingers.

Soucouyant of Concrete

Detail of the Samuel Waldron’s Soucouyant – Folklore Trinidad and Tobago
I did one of the soucouyant in flight too, but someone came and bought that one and took it away.”

This sculptor is one of the unsung heroes represented in Trinidad and Tobago. Samuel Waldron has been working with concrete since a child and knows the medium intimately. From his home in Point Fortin, South Trinidad, his process of creating these heavy concrete figures of nobles, and other subjects highlighting Trinidad and Tobago are setup in his yard. There is a striptease dancer and dogs mating, African drummers, stick fighters and images representing the Hindu culture in what he calls a his personal Museum.

Alexandra Daisy Voisin Parang Queen of Trinidad and Tobago cast in concrete

The wire armatures are “bathes” in water, then a thin solution of concrete is added. Mr. Waldron works at the mold with handmade tools. And as the mixture of concrete begins to congeal, he feels for the details even though his eye sight is failing, yet reading and building every feature and gesture.

Mama Dglo” derived from French “maman de l’ eau” which means “mother of the water” is lesser known in Trinidad and Tobago. Folklore – Ink on paper by Stuart Hahn