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Dave Williams denies role over Proyecto Capital upstage – Alice Yard


miss Williams at Alice Yard

Dem tink he is good, dem feel he does dance la modern, dem eh know he history. Since small miss Dave playing wit Black Barbe dollie after he walk in he fadder bedroom and see he wit ah life size blow up dollie.  Dave ca remember, but he say he like how he fadder bamsee look. Is like dem Baptist dat does catch de fit in church and mess wit man on woman*.

Is Government school he go when principle call he sister to question why he join de elastic team and hand clap in pairs. At home miss Dave dream of musical box  as ballerina and see he self spinning wit fairy tutu.  One evening he look down in he shorts and wonder why he box deform. Sister tel he dat is call ah nanny in proper and pussy if big man raft wit it. miss Dave tell someone far dat he so and so stick out from he shirt pants.  He say is funny like it ca breed.  Soon after miss Williams attend Bishops  and study chemistry, science and rubbing he small wood wi pencil tie wit two rubber band, Den miss Dave brave put he wood inside pencil case and he feel it grow den  stick, only den Miss call he to de blackboard to sum. From de desk she look at he pant smiling brood, fanning she leg and firing signal to he. You is 12, add 6.  Dave remember, “As meh walk front to de blackboard, ah girle tap meh P. box wit she ruler and tell meh to measure de size. Me wood inside vanish and de case fall out meh pant leg and drop on de floor. I tell she is 4 cm metric,  de ruler she say lie, is only tree”.

Dave find out is big people know and he trust dem fully. Story is if ah nanny mature wi Afro round it, it is ready for inspection. De mature wood have name call toto, it join wi stone. Dave say he  hear dat man does use it hard and go crazy when pussy open to invitation jamming it tight.  Is later second man does scream, Oh Jesus Woman and brush it and de totee  does reload and empty tree time. He figure out dat evening is whitee cream stain between he thighs like glue, and practice over and over de word jock and break like if he ready to sit 11 plus exam. He feel sick when he ca read, is blind reach wit all dat vice. miss Dave gone fete and dance de modern under strobe light wit he Abba tune;

Friday night and de the light low
Looking for ah place to go
Where dem play de right music, getting meh in de swing
Yuh come to look for ah king
Anybody ca be dat  mans
Night young and de  music sweet
With ah bit of kiaso music, everyting is fine
Yuh in de mood for ah wine
And when yuh get the de chance
Yuh is ah flaming Dancing Queen

When light dim pitch dark and Kiaso play, is winning wild from side to side and in between whe he find strange. miss Dave stick wit dancer and he wood get in between and he in heaven.  Is cacahole pretend to be nanny whe.

Is years now and miss Dave is Queen’s Dance Hall holding red clot mast like he ready to sail wit Columbus. He does do modern danseuse like spider man sticking on wall and dropping, but I say is like  batee man he really crave to disguise and fly late in de evening to suck victim dry. Is only he train in dance to scale cemetery wall, roll in dirt to find secret bull and taste flour paste like juice.

Ah say miss Dave yuh tell meh is free money at de Yard to pay for de ticket to see yuh dance in front, around and at de back of dem Common Head of State Waste Coming Twice and Quiet Go.  Prase de Lawd. Minshall go hunt yuh down wit he four stick if yuh plan to do he invent, walking dead man procession on de Grand Stand wit Carnival Christmas decoration Brian Mc fal in. I pass yuh standing in yuh National costume, I know were de banana hide. Yuh spot meh bold, and ask, IF I TAKE ALL FOR LATER.  Ah say I leave ah scent for dem  to never forget.  Ah still have small coin in meh bag and I go re-circulate it in ah  envelope and slip it in Cassava box. I see dem fall from meh, I say, all dem coin have stink vice, meh want noting to do wit it.

* Reported that parishers engaging in sexual intercourse during the exorcism of spirits act.

Never say what you don’t mean Alice Yard Friday 6 November, 2009, at 7.30 pm

The Proyecto Capital installation opens to the public at Alice Yard …… Audience members can participate by taking the found coins away. All are invited – Alice Yard


An artist caught collecting a cent from a drain, Trinidad, West Indies in a project called, “Proyecto Capital” is a collaboration of three artists,  Alejandro Mina, Mar Molano and Michelle Isava

Source:  Proyecto Capital

Este proyecto parte de la observaciòn. En los recorridos hechos caminando por la ciudad de Puerto España es posible encontrar una gran cantidad de monedas en el suelo, aparentemente insignificantes para la mirada local, pero para la mirada forànea resulta llamativo en comparacion con la ciudad de Bogota y otras ciudades. La idea es recolectar las monedas de la calle y registrar el proceso para luego hacer una instalaciòn que pretende despertar reflexiones frente a este gesto de arrojar y recoger para luego reinsertarlas en la sociedad cambiando el valor capital por el valor simbòlico.

Michelle Isava writes:

“We have collected 500 5-cent coins, 987 25-cent coins, 498 10-cent coins, 7 50-cent coins (although they are no longer in use)…. This installation seeks to give value to what is not valued here in Trinidad. To foreign eyes, coins on the streets are an absurd enigma that represents the extravagance and wealth of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Soon after their The Proyecto Capital slide presentation at Alice Yard on Friday 6th November 2009, Alice Yard announced that guests were free to participate by taking away the found money all gathered in pile located in the centre of the gallery floor.  A man then walked to the installation, stooped down and preceded to collect the coins with a hand brush and dust scoop all the money in his bag. The Colombian artists began to panicked as they saw all their efforts being taken away. Only a  Cent was left behind  as a reminder to never  give away your money so freely for the work you have done to earn it. He then offered the money to the audience by allowing them to take a hand full from his bag. Some did, others did declined and then he left Alice Yard with total  sum of money estimated to be $300.00.


Miss Cassava, yeh eh see meh coming?

Me ain’t know why dem artise does do per-formance in middle of de road counting coins dem does find in nasty canal, deep pothole and drain. I does hope dem does wash dem finger and toe nail after. I big art installation and me scan d money already. Dem talk, dem show pict-ture, den dem clap. Talk over is show now to see. I see dis Cassava bleed inside she, when dem say TAKE DE MONEY IS FREE, is blight who say it and I obey he and full meh bag quick wit dust pan and brush. No pict-ture please.

Den all fight break out wit Alice Yard man who steups. Dem all looking like ass when realize is early. I say I offer dem de money and some take hand full and is right because de rest LEGALLY is mine. I take meh time, watch de woman bicycle at Brooklyn bar den is straight to Cassava Cassava and I ask she to put meh bag content in ah black plastic and plop it dead centre on she child bed like is show in de Alice Yard box. When Cassava reach she home, she bawl out, ” Oh Mami,” but is when she see de note and all de coins, is steups and laugh at de same time. If she open she el Espanol mout, is prison I sending she. Is lessen I teach dem whatless fools to give way prize so quick.

Columbus sets sail on September 14th, 2009 – Alice Yard Trinidad


Never forget this moment

Doing justice to the weak

Best Village sets at Alice Yard Space – we eh reach


Erin Caner attempts to make the best of what is provided to her at (Alice Yard & Trinity-in-Trinidad incentive )

One of the critical problems of the Alice Yard space is the yard itself. I just looks unkempt. Can a artist’s work be placed in its best light? At a recent photo exhibition in the yard, just walking into the space made you so repulsed that you were tempted to walk out. So why allow your work to seen so tacky, so unprofessional, why have it up at all.

A photographic student from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut finds out that her intriguing work she produced is completely destroyed by the lack of proper wall space to accommodate the photographs properly. Galleries such as the CCA7 InterAmera Space are sadly missed. If Alice Yard purports itself as a forum for contemporary artists, since its conception, it should have developed further after three years in operation and answered key questions to how best to make the space meaningful to serve both the administrative and artists alike. The experience should be a pleasant one, not that of tripping or dodging in an unleveled dark open air concrete patio. This is not a personal attack, this is a simple observation.

The Stations of the Cross enacted at Mount St. Benedict, Trinidad during the celebration of Easter is particularly intriguing. A pun, a self-portrait of how she, Caner was crucified by those who knew better in presenting art

Here is Alice Yard’s mandate:

Alice Yard Spaceis a small gallery in the backyard of 80 Roberts Street–a nine-by-seven-by-ten-foot concrete and glass box designed by architect Sean Leonard, which opens in September 2007. It is just large enough to fit an artist’s installation, a video work, a few drawings or paintings.

…..Alice Yard has been home to a series of weekly Friday-night “Conversations”, bringing musicians, artists, writers, and audiences together for informal performances and interactions. The gallery now creates the possibility for another kind of conversation, by offering contemporary artists a space to show a carefully selected piece of recent work, or even work in progress.

You need to explain yourselves, where were the curatorial advisers?


A series of vignettes of the culture from Trinidad taken from a student exchange between UWI and Trinity Collage. The photographs are tacked to a iron gate.


In a recent comment, a reader debates over the formability of how art can be place without structural grounding in its presentation to the public

Comment.. You clearly have no concept of spacial relations nor do you have an understanding of art in the greater sense. Art displays should not just be simple squares on a white wall. True creativity can be emphasized through unconventional displays and interesting use of a wonky space. This is not to say that Alice Yard cannot put on “proper“formal displays but simply that is is often more interesting to err on the side of creativity rather than dullness.

I was present at last Monday’s show and was incredibly impressed by the way that the artist chose to show her work. It showed impressive vision and a creative streak that might not be present in artists that are older and more set in their formal, and often boring, ways.

In response.. Therefore we concur that Art, or the practice of it, and in the many facets, can stand on the mere principle of concept without requiring any visual sensitiveness in its presentation. If Ms.Caner consciously made these decisions with her portfolio, then I am in (err)to a ghastly flaw for my genuine like of her photographs.

Believe me, if this is a war of ideologies, I tempt you no further to open the debate between, concept verses presentation. And please refrain from any Tracey Emin examples.


Rebuttal with a revision…

What was considered as a warm gathering of mainly students from Trinity College on a student exchange from the University of the West Indies, a photographer explores an unorthodox way of presenting her photographs relating to a spectrum of religious festivals taken from January till May, 2009. A series of photos are mounted against a partition illuminated by a 40 watt light bulb. On a major wall at the Open Space, and on the face of a concrete wash trough, she inventively hand paints an inscription explaining her experiences through the lens of her camera.

She writes, “Photographing Trinidad has been challenging to me, in confronting my own identity and how I am received, perceived in a new culture. Its been about encountering different conceptions of time and space….” and concludes with the phrase, ” I find the matrix of colors and forms to be revealing as a creation of a visual language to explain the unconsciousness.”
Other photographs are placed unconventionally on a mesh gate, and candles are placed in and about prints staggered on an elongated table thus giving a cosy ambiance to an informal gathering of well wishers in support to a show that will be fondly remembered.